Daisy Lowe Kiss Eliza Girl on Girl Kiss cu-mm-ings Pics

Eliza mings and Daisy Lowe both are very hot and sexy fashion models.They sizzled in girl on girl kiss for the cameras, for a recent photo shoot. This photo in March edition of America’s W magazine.Spilling out of her black bra 20 year old embraces the equally scantily clad supermodel Eliza mings as they slump together in a window seat.

 Daisy Lowe Kiss Eliza mings,photo

Daisy said Eliza had to step in for the kissing scene after the first model collapsed with laughter. she said ” I ended up having to kiss Eliza instead because we weren’t hysterically laughing the whole time.The two are both currently based in New York and joined a clutch of the city’s it-girls for the shoot, This isn’t the first time Daisy has bared her body for her work.

TV show Prisoner being celebrated this year With the 30th anniversary of classic cult Aussie we think it’s the perfect time for some serious jailhouse chic. The March edition is out now.

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