Cystic Fibrosis suffered Mother gives birth to triplets

Kandace Smith gave birth to identical triplets while she was suffering from cystic fibrosis (lung disease), and made medical history. Doctors told her that this triplet pregnancy was hazardous to her as they did not believe she was going to exist so she must terminate this unsafe pregnancy. Pregnancy is unsafe for a people with cystic fibrosis because they have a short life expectancy and pregnancy puts extra stress on the lungs. Miss Smith, from South Louisiana, USA, courageously declined, and continued with the first pregnancy of the world, although it meant dangerous for her own life.

Cystic Fibrosis suffered Mother gives birth to triplets

The function of her lung begun to fail after 28 weeks until she managed to carry the babies and in October 2010, doctors delivered these babies at Tulane-Lakeside Hospital. Miss Smith lives with her fiancé Steven Bowers and she could not trust that she was really pregnant until three heartbeats were shown in the scan. 9000 people in the UK are affected with this condition of lung disease, with which she was born. She needs to go for daily physiotherapy to help clear her lungs of thick mucus.

Doctors were so much concerned about the life of Miss Smith and they suggested her for a termination because pregnancy is very risky for her and with triplets, that risk is trebled. But she wanted to take that hazard to become a mother. During the pregnancy, she was observed intimately and had every day medication to help in her fighting to survive. She gave birth to three identical girls, Brooklyn, Savannah and Dakota and in January 2011, the couple was lastly allowed to bring them home.

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