Controller of Defence Account (Officers) CDAO Pune

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Cdaopune Principal Controller of Defence Accounts, Principal Controller of Defence Accounts, www.cdaopune.org

Controller of Defence Account (Officers) CDAO Pune. The website of CDAO Pune is very interactive and it provides useful informaiton online to Defence officers regarding their pay and pension and other related matters. The defence officers can log in to website by entering their username and passwords. If you are not yer registered then you can register yourself at the CDAO Pune website.

You can also download the 6th CPC (Central Pay Commission) Reports, Arrears details etc form this website. CDA(O) Handbook 2009 is also available and interested person can buy the Handbook on Pay and Allowances and TA/DA & LTC for Rs. 250. For more information on buying the Handbook from CDAO you can visit the CDAO website for further details.

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