Chelsea Handler Playboy Cover Photos leaked

Chelsea handler have given a n\/de scene for playboy magazine. The n\/de pictures of Chelsea handler for playboy are spread over the net.

It's a main page or cover page of playboy magazine scene that Chelsea handler gave and looking so sexy lady.

AP Top U.S. News At chelsea handler playboy 7:03 p.m. EDT NYC Chelsea handler playboy getting off s of Manhattan Shells from Pakistan hit Afghan bases.

The 30-ish Jersey girl has become a popular late night host (Chelsea Lately) and best selling author. Fame has been knocking on the funny girl's door since she was just 21 and fresh in Los Angeles.

Handler's first book was a riotous memoir, "My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands" and her latest book is "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea."

View Chelsea handler myspace profile of here.

Chelsea Handler Playboy Cover Pictures gallery

Chelsea Handler Playboy Cover Photos

Chelsea Handler Playboy

Chelsea Handler Playboy Cover PhotosChelsea Handler Playboy Cover Photos

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Chelsea Handler Playboy Video

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  • Anonymous

    She has the sexiest legs since Betty Grable.

  • Jatin Godhani

    Though her show is rather snarky and not exactly the type of entertainment news I like, I really like Chelsea Handler.
    It didn’t hurt that Chelsea Handler is blond, gorgeous and completely fearless.

  • Jatin Godhani

    ya thanks dude i like this v position of Chelsea Handler in Playboy magazine.

  • Jatin Godhani

    I wonder how a girl really feels deep down when her Playboy pictures have to be doctored like a sick patient.

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    Ted Harbert (the CEO of the E! Network) gave her a show after they started “dating”… In other words she had to spread her legs to get a job. Yuck! You’d assume that a CEO could get a pretty girl. Instead a untalented, flabby armed bimbo with a bad capped teeth mouth got a gig.