Bangalore Bandh to stop Sexual Offense

Women / girls are targets of sexual aggression everywhere, rape is one of it’s forms and we make lots of noise about it. Many of us in our lives, practice a few forms of the aggression. Religious aggression – religious groups start with girls – what they should wear/not wear, where they should go/not go, whom they should meet/not meet. The restrictions are not for boys/men. I do not want to name the religions or the castes which do this. Commercial – (women are party to this one). Men are clothed fully for ages and they are considered to look good, gentlemanly,decent. But women? We dress them with minimum, transparent, extremely fitting cloths. In business dresses, in party dresses, in sports gear and everywhere. Isn’t this exploitation too? Everything that is designed for woman is sexist. All of us are guilty. It has taken may be fifty years to bring it to this stage. And today we cry foul. Attractive girl is the one, who fulfill the sexist desire of man, others are gourammas! All those noodle straps – for girls from the age of 1 to 50? I have never seen a boy with noodle straps. So why are we all crying foul now? Because someone took a step further? Our movies? They rape the woman on screen (sometimes physically), but always visually. We are forced to go along a few miles for survival purpose, to be in the same society, speak the same language the others speak and understand. Today’s platitudes are all humbug. Allow woman to dress safely, comfortably and accept her for her dignity, intelligence, ability and not for the spice she can add to man’s desire. We have to take up this challenge in a social way, I don’t think government and a bandh can do much.

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