Aevin Dugas has World’s Largest Afro

36-year-old Aevin Jude Dugas achieves Guinness World Record for her astounding 4'4" afro. A social worker from New Orleans has largest natural Afro than anyone else in the world. Since 12 years, she is maintaining and growing her hair and finally her dream becomes true and she gets the Guinness world record. Dugas works with women in a housing facility for adults with developmental disabilities.

Aevin Dugas has World's Largest Afro

Aevin spends more money and time to maintain her hair. To set her hair for a night out, she uses shampoo and up to five conditioners and then place hair into two French braids and again it takes at least two days for dry. After doing that, finally she moisturizes and sprays it with water to help it kink up a bit. Sometimes, a big hairstyle becomes tricky and created some problem for Aevin. She feels irritated when people touch her hair without her permission. Due to her hair, she faces little difficulty while driving because she can not see properly. According to Dugas, with her biggest afro it is very comfortable to sleep on the bed, it gives the perfect pillow. After taking Guinness world award, she feels very proud for her Afro. She shares her experiences with products and styling on her own blog To grow her hair, she takes vitamins, work out and eats a healthy diet.

Meet the record bracker: Aevin Dugas video from youtube:

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