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  • Anonymous

    The heinous attempt of ICICI Bank to misappropriate foreign fund is exposed and their senior management officers are trying elegally and unethically to blame the overseas exchange house without any proof.

    I need the help of your channel to expose this heinous conspiracy of ICICI Bank.

    I have all the supporting documents to prove the exchange house honest and prove ICICI Bank as a conspirator is with me.

    please reply me earliest.My e-mail id is [email protected]

    Thsanking you.

    yours sincerely

    Choudhury Laxminarayan Das
    Cuttack, Orissa.

  • Anonymous

    Heinous attempt of ICICI Bank to misappropriate foreign fund sent to my ICICI S.B. A/c by my son from Dubai on 22nd May is exposed. Remittance after complaining to RBI & Union Finance Minister. Giving no value for the mishap occured in my family,loss of health and happiness of family members completely ruining family life,living in agony due to this delay.

    Elegally and unethically trying their best to blame the Dubai Exchange House of Dubai which is based on suoer lie.I have all the relevant docunents regarding thansfer of fund from Dubai provided by the Exchange House with me.

    Need your help to expose this conspiracy of ICICI Bank which is happening with so many persons.

    Thanking you in anticipation & requesting for an immidiate action.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Choudhury Laxminarayan Das,
    Cuttack, Orissa,

  • mamta_patel

    Dear Sir,

    I as a resident of Bermo, Bokaro, Jharkhand like to Inform about some unusual or illegal action done by Police Inspector Mr Anand Nandan Singh of Bermo police station Bokaro Jharkhand without any reason and he is also not giving or production any complaint letter or any reason for the search against my Brother and he also sophisticated my family members mobile by snatching from my mothers hand and he also misbehaved with other family members without any reason and he also used to tell that he is going to do any thing wrong against my brother carrier if we deny to give him huge amount of money.
    Sir I like from you to Catch live telecast of this when he used to come again and without any reason and telescat it live to solve the problem of country which is full of these type of corrupt leaders.

    For secret recording and planning to track and open his un usual demand and misbehave please contact me and please keep my details secure.
    We will like to help the prestigious news channel to end corruptions in our country.
    Thanking you

    [email protected]
    Contact – +91 9392403308

  • mamta_patel

    I have been fraudulently cheated by Balfour Beatty UK Plc, 130, Wilton Road, London, SWIVILQ in the month of December 2008 amounting to Rs.13,51,138.24(Rupees Thirteen lakhs fifty one thousand one hundred thirty eight and paise twenty four only). They assured me a job of Designing Engineer there. They demanded money 5 (five)times for various kinds of fees such as Visa and Work-permit, Visa Registration and Approval, Obtaining an affidavit of Oath/support from the High Court of England, Approval from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Clearance from the United Nations Financial Crime and Anti-Terrorist Commission. All money have been transferred through State Bank of India’s Account Numbers-30546368639, 30516383802, 11343700681, 30517089479 (Two times) on 05th December 2008, 10th December 2008, 19th December 2008, 23rd December 2008 and 31st December 2008, amount Rs.56143.67, Rs.209865.24, Rs.560587.17, Rs.280532.09 and Rs.244010.07 respectively.

    I had gone to Gandhi Maidan Police Station, Patna to lodge a F.I.R. on 19 January 2009 with sufficient proof of evidence, but they did not lodge my complain till now. I am now seeking your help in this regard so that I can get my money back from them and punish them hardly for such type of heinous crime as Employment Scam and Economic Scam. They are frequently doing such type of fraud for a long time as I have seen in their accounts.
    Kindly take this matter urgently.

    Prabhakar Ranjan
    E-mail Id- [email protected]
    Contact Number-09431062443

  • mamta_patel

    hello aaj tak .i want to make a complaint.sir on 31st aug. i receive a message on my airtel prepaid no. from (LM-COKE BON) in which they had written that..Congratulations Your number has won 4,20,000/-pounds in this year’s COCA COLA PROMOTION.and they also give their e-mail id..but i t seems to be a fake one..could u please reply me that what can i do against them or if u could help me in anyother way..please reply at [email protected]

  • mamta_patel


    In the year 2004 the Directorate of shipping services ,Port blair ,headed by Mr. cdr Paul James , Director at that time with other members conducted interviews for different ratings on vacancies of SEAMAN , SEACUNNY , ERR, DECK UTILITY HAND & COOK . The selection were done for the 18 no of MS class vessels for FOERSHORE SECTOR(75 to 100 pax) , the said sector at that time had only 12 no of vessels .and on merit basis the 65 candidates were given appointment on administrative company roaster . the rest 51 selected candidates were given written assurance by the Director, DSS ,Port Blair, that as soon as rest 06 vessels arrives from main land the rest all selected panel candidates will be taken under company roaster , mean while they will be given 2 months contract on rotation basis on vacancies.
    In year 2005, 02 no of vessels (13th & 14 th) arrived and 25 people out of 51 selected panel candidates were taken under company roaster . the rest were asked to be calm as 04 no vessels were yet to come from mainland ,and on their arrival the rest all candidates will be taken under company roaster.
    The fact is that now the 04 vessels also arrived (2008) totaling 18 no of
    MS class vessels in fore shore sector. Now the whole scenario has been changed, new Shipping secretary has taken the charge. Suddenly the department started giving contradictory statement on our engagement. Director, Law Officer ,Assist Director, Crew Cell In Charge of Directorate of Shipping Services ,Port Blair all knew the facts , the new shipping secretary Mr. SANJEEV KIRWAR,IAS ,Andaman & Nicobar island totally denying the written statement given by the department only on the basis of central civil service rule instead of Merchant Shipping act and says their panel validity is of one year.
    That sir ,Mr. SANJEEV KIRWAR, IAS saying all these on basis of Calcutta high court Judgment, on valubhan case ( his name was in panel list in Directorate Of Health Service). The case comes under of central civil service law.

    But our case comes under MS ACT, with different facts and grounds.


    1 Foreshore sector selection files of 2004 & written assurance by DSS
    trough RTI

    2 Served DSS from 2004 TO 2008, article agreement

    3 File Noting of 25 people taken under company roaster out of 51 selected panel on arrival of 13th and 14th vessels. Trough RTI

    4 Reply Letter To Hon ‘le LEUTINENT GOVERNOR , Andaman & Nicobar Island from DIRECTOR, Directorate of shipping services ,Port Blair and clearly admits the facts, and given written statement again too in 2007 that as soon as the rest 04 vessels arrives the left all 26 selected people will be taken under company roaster in foreshore sector only as all these candidates were selected for foreshore sector and so they can’t be considered for vacancies in other administrative run sector called mainland sector and inter island sector. Trough RTI
    That Sir , we served the department for long 04 years and now too serving.
    and as shipping secretary, if panel validity expires in 2005 then why the respective department under such respective officials had given such written statement again in 2007 to Hon ‘le Lieutenant Governor ,Andaman & Nicobar island that we will be taken under company roster in foreshore sector as when the said 04 vessels arrives .The department negligence hinders our rights.
    all the matters occuers are due to politicaland money factor .the root of corruption is inside the directorate of shipping services,all asking money .

    This is our ut most request to you to please guide us and do the earliest needful to us for justice , we served the department for long 04 years and now too serving. Your action may save the life for 26 families.

    All copy of proof can send to you as when you ask .in andaman there is no visual media and hence all these injustice were happening openly.
    with hope waiting for your reply in soon.

    Thanking you sir ,
    Yours faith fully
    On behalf of 26 people

    Syam kumar
    c/o Mr Sudhevan(Insp)
    PHQ, Atlanta point, Port Blair
    syam_kumar25 @rediffmail.com

  • mamta_patel

    Dear AAjtak team my self narinder kaure i want to draw ur attention towerd a miss hapening on me & my family by some bad people in our area who has one aim to miss behave with ladies,girls & elder in our area there rlots of complains against them but still they r moving free in our area they drink here & abuses whole mohalla now yester day some bed people came into our house beat us me my husbend my sone cause they were in large nos. some of them were drunk they broke our car windows by entring force fully quarle with us & entered forcefully in our house now me & my family is scared of the act of these bad eliments of our socity & my whole mohalla naigbours are the evidence they are with us & redy to speak against them so i request u pls come to our house & take a look of the whole of my house how they have ruin our house & window they break our car glases i m requesting u to come & helps us for justice cause this is not now one day problem so for sake of man kind pls come & inquire about these bad people cause this time they have cross theit limit & shown us & whole mohalla that they can do any thing whith any one so pls i request u to pls speak against these bad people
    If think that this act don by them is realy a un-forgivable then pls look in to the matter contact me my cell no is 9818387895 hope u could spare some time to raise our voice against these bad people

  • mamta_patel

    Its really sad, but true Nagpur University Has always been in the light of fraud. Every time they do the mess and then try to defend themselves. This time around its same story
    We a group of 22 students have been cheated badly by the Nagpur University. University announced course named MCS (Master of comp. science) 3 years back. We took admission following our ambition to be software professional. but in the middle of session the university denied to take any examination for the related course.( practical + theory).
    We went on to complaint about this to Mr.Pathan (V.C Nagpur University) but he seems to be helpless because as per him it was not under his control(A joke).Somehow we managed to pressurized them and at last they took exam in summer 2007..Out ot all 22
    Deserving candidates only 6 got cleared (3 A.C. + 3 under ATKT rule).Since then University Denying Us from our right of exam.
    Now We people really thinks its end for us. Please help us as media is one of the
    Driving force in democracy. We are totally disturb and feels unsecured about future.
    Please Help Us.

    Please Contact
    Kapil Paliwal 9970454589
    Pravin hatzade9730776714
    Vijay Kharche 9890598946

  • mamta_patel


  • mamta_patel

    I will like to share some News about the Students Marathon on 11th Jan 2009

    I am writing to you on behalf of Anuthi Welfare Society & Mumbai University Student Council.

    We have launched an Official campaign “Don’t DIS My ABILITY” associated with this Mumbai College Run.

    In a one of its kind initiative, Mumbai University is organizing a Marathon in association with Anuthi Welfare Society for all college students in order to raise funds for the visually impaired. The Kalina Campus of University Mumbai does not have a center for the visually challenged students. The intention is to start a center specially designed for them equipped with Mountbatten Brailler, computers, magnifying machines, computer accessories, etc

    On 11th Jan 2009, Mumbai, Maharashtra 10000 participants will be running from Churchgate to Haji Ali (7 km) with thousands of people supporting them in order to raise funds for the visually impaired students.

    [Umesh Gupta]
    [Anuthi Welfare Society]
    [email protected]

  • mamta_patel

    In times, when real estate developers are facing a fund crunch, the promoters of the single largest project in the country, Lavasa, say they have tied up close to 1,000 crore.
    The Hindustan Construction Company group entity is likely to have more funds at its disposal as a couple of more banks have also come forward to fund it. Union Bank is the lead bank for the project.
    “Bank of India and Axis Bank have valued our project at over Rs 10,000 crore. My peak requirement of Rs 1,750 crore, six months down in line, stands covered,” said Mr Rajgopal Nogja, President, Lavasa Corporation.
    Internal accruals would flow in this year, and the sale proceeds of about 800 villas, priced in the range of Rs 1 crore, and 450 apartments in the Rs 12 lakh plus should bring in about over Rs 1,000 crore, with receipts topping Rs 300 crore.
    Spread across 11 villages, comprising 25,000 acres, Lavasa’s development has been curbed to 12, 500 acres to preserve the pristine picturesque environs of the Sahayadri Mountain.
    Mr Nogja is keen on the project being viewed as a sustainable town development and not merely as a real estate proposition. The focus is to create a sustainable environment that would propel the hill station’s economy, he said.
    The real estate exposure is anchored to the needs of hospitality, education, entertainment, leisure and tourism. The outlook is that the town is to attract half a million visitors by next fall and 20 lakh tourists annually, with a permanent population of 1.5 lakh, a decade later.
    The residential area of villas and studio apartments will total to about 40,000 units, of which office space will account for 10 per cent. Eighteen hotels with 4,000-4,500 room have been planned.
    Serviced apartments are slotted for opening sometime next year. Lavasa has six hotels under development including properties managed by hotel chains Accor and ITC Group, with a combined capacity of about 1,000 rooms. A convention centre with a plenary capacity of 1,500 people will be ready next year and an ITC hotel is slated for opening in a couple of months.
    The company is in talks with a three biotech multinationals to set up their research there. A 200-acre health and wellness centre, including hospital, R&D and long-term care of Apollo Hospitals would be up and running in 2010. Lavasa has a 49 per cent stake in it, with land forming a major component.
    Symbiosis, Pune, Christ University, Bangalore and NSHM- Knowledge campus, Kolkata, will have over 10,000 students on the hill their campuses by 2010, when intake comes about. Besides these,Ecole h“teliŠre de Lausanne, a hospitality school of Switzerland, supported school would also open admissions by them, Mr Nogja said.
    Though the promoter intend to showcase and offer land as equity, they also work on multiple models such as build to suit and tend to rope in investors if lease models are sought for.
    Mr Nogja says Lavasa overcame the tremendous temptation to hike prices when the going was good. Bookings for the second phase would begin in the coming festive season and it would not be priced below that of the first phase, where villas were sold at Rs 2,750-3,500 a sq ft and apartments Rs 2,450-3,000 a sq ft.

  • mamta_patel

    Can any one listen to grevience of mumbra residence lots of illegal and unathurised construction going in mumbra with the approval of local corporator and the municipal officer.

  • mamta_patel

    DEEPIKA SINGH,student

  • mamta_patel

    Madhu here from sion koliwada we are fed up of the drainage water that comes from the direct line,it stinks so badly.My father complained in the BMC office also no action is yet been taken ,so can u help me with the same and do the needful as soon as possible and work on this.

  • mamta_patel

    I think all Indian people should get rid of all this dhotis because they don’t have any balls and until we get some pants on in the indian govt. we won’t be able to control this terrorism.

    This govt. should learn from Isralies how this small country survived in middle of all other middle eastern countries. These dhotis need not need to wait from other western countries like US and UK and France to make their decisions. Their balls will only grow when they make their own freakin decision to attack the terrorists.

    The dhoti is the weakest link in Indian govt.

  • mamta_patel

    Hello. I m jatinder singh frm USA .i want to urge my dear Indian politicians plz get together i such a big attack on indian pride. plz dnt make this as a political issue n get together and answer these militants that we as INDIANS are together when somebody try to hurt us . i have seen some politicians today that they r commenting on each other. plz stand with indian army n government. All of indian americans are with all the families who lost their loved ones in this mumbai attacks. i again as a Indian citizen urge my respected politician to get togther n fight.dnt let other people to make fun of INDIA . PLEASE. JIA HIND

  • mamta_patel

    AAJ TAK I want to complain you about the politicians because Iamunable to come toyour studio therefore Iwant that you should send any one reporter to me.I was a helper in mess of IIT KANPUR.And I was forced my a politician to theft in I.I.T. Kanpur. And they are also torturing me for five years. And due to their torturing and fear I would not complain to any one.I want to meet you and I also wand to share my other difficulties or sufferings with you .
    I hope that AAJ TAK will soon take actions on MY complain MYContact number:9919087989

  • mamta_patel


    I want to give you a news regarding irregularities in Qatar airways for their customers.

    At 21st of July I came in Kenya from New Delhi by Qatar airways flight. When I reached to Kenya (Nairobi airport) I asked to the airport authority for my luggage. After searching a lot I couldn’t get my luggage in airport. I admit a report to the airport authority for my lost luggage and same in the Qatar airways office in Nairobi. After many follow-ups Qatar airways said me to fill the compensation form of lost goods. I fill the form and give them detail information of my lost goods and their cost also. Total some was INR 79225.00 (USD 1885). But after taking more then one month of time now Qatar airways is going to give me only USD 380.

    I want to take action against Qatar airways with the help of Aajtak news channel. I saw many times on this channel that after the interference of aajtak, people get solution for their problem.

    Kindly suggest me what to do in this condition.


    Gaurav Singh
    +254 728606976

  • mamta_patel

    hello sir, my name is harpreet singh. i have dare to see phoonk movies & i need ur help for this. i am IT engg & want money for my future. i don’t want to do anything wrong for my future. i think this is good opportunity for me this time with this movie. so i want u give my name for it please. my number is 9718458969. i will be waiting for ur call.


  • mamta_patel

    i think your channel is doing quite well but i am suprised to see that what all is happening in jammu but u people are not giving coverage…when govt is not helping us,u people should help us by showing it on national news channels..today jail andoolan was held in jammu but none of news channels covered it …its a history but u all are not suuporting us..i dont thnk this issue will get solved so easily..people are not doing any business,no schools…and govt is doing nothing..so we need your suuport..we will be glad if u cover jammu news more than bollywood news…thanx…

  • mamta_patel

    hello AAJ TAk ,
    from the last couple of days the way in which you people are continuously making the issue of Sant shri Asa Ram BApu is totally incorrect though in the asharam it was happened wrong but you can not directly blame on AsaRam bapu the way you people are behaving makes feel that you people are taking some type of revenge from him or you people are doing so just because of want increase your TRPs.as from the last 40 years sant Asaram bapu is continuously spreading Hinduism and the right way to live your life all accross the world and the way now you people are spreading news against is totolly incorrect . in my openion you people should have to take part in the enquairy and show the truth dont show the fake thoughts against him because this will not only harm our country but it will also hurt those people who believe in Asaram and one thing more sri Asaram is not osama bin laden who produces jihadis who spread terrorism he is a sait who always spread thoughts which is good ofr the country as well as humanity
    So please please do not spread news like this .

  • mamta_patel

    the way your channel is showing on the issue of asaram bapuji’s-like burning of postures of asaram bapu and putting shoes mala on the postures and demanding from bapuji to answer who’s fault is there behind it is wrong.

    we all the shadak’s of asaram bapu would request u to kindly stop all such type of nonsense news.

    By showing this news you are not participating to solve the problem but the issue is widening up and so tell us do you really want to solve the problem or still make an kiosk out it by hurting bapuji and his shadak’s.

    it feels like you are removing some kind of enemy-ship from asaram bapuji.

    do you want that by showing this we will feel like to improvise hindu religion and to make it strong the steps taken by asaram bapu is being not liked by your news channel.

    please please please i request u that please dont show such type of news which would harm the society.

    whatever happened is wrong even we agree on it and the person behind this all case should be hanged,but making an insult of asaram bapu is really wrong.
    and while giving news the system of asking comments from people on phone should be used

  • mamta_patel

    With great disappointment, I would like to bring your attention towards some nuisance taking place at shobhit university

    It is highly disgusting that the students here have taken admission in regular courses and they are full time employee at some other place, they use to visit the institute only once or twice in a month and the most amazing thing is that there HOD and Teachers know this thing and they are permitting this thing. Especially this thing is happening in pharmacy( I know one name like Dushyant) the branch which deals with Health care if this type of people are allowed to complete there Masters course than what will be the fate of our fellow country men who will be there victims.

    I am writing this mail with the hope that such a downfall of our higher education can be prevented and these types of students should be blacklisted to pursue any kind of education in India. A enquiry should be set again all those who are promoting and indulge in these types of activities whether it the employer or the institute.


  • mamta_patel

    ***** VVIP *****

    hello aajtak,
    i am 19 years old lad and i live in jaipur. After serial bomb blasts in jaipur i started thinking about how to stop them in other cities of india. Then i suddenly realised i saw a program on discovery channel some psychic people have got ability to predict future or by just focussing on map they can tell what is hapening on that perticular place even CIA is taking help of these people. This is the right time for them to prove their capability. good luck

    [email protected]

  • mamta_patel

    hello aajtak,
    i really appreciate your efforts for improving the indian environment.i am a young blood of the country and want to work with AAJTAK,if given a chance i can prove my self and can even prove what else can a news channel do for the favour of the country.what i need is a [email protected]

  • mamta_patel

    aaj tak has definitely revolutionized the art of media channels. most of the news breaking story have been covered by aajtak has surely enlightened the audience.

    By the way are you prepared for 2 million? I am coming to your home with 2 million. Confussed??? To learn more about 2 Million follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/whatscominghome

  • mamta_patel

    i want to submit a video regarding the way traffic department is run,

    My license has been submitted at Arey junction R.T.O. office, goregaon, mumbai for jumping signal.

    Here the Yellow Light does not get ignited, instead the red light comes on for 1 sec. before the green light goes out.

    how can anybody stop suddenly. I was asked to pay the fine which i refused. on pointing out that the signal is faulty and everybody else was jumping the signal nobody was caught, i get a reply that i am not here to work for you.

    Name: Ameya Naik
    e-mail: [email protected]
    Police Officer Name: Pradeep Yadav

  • Anonymous

    It’s shameful that private airlines like Jet or Spicejet are not concerned about their employees. They are not providing any kind of Mask to their cabin crews even after they are well aware about the panic situation about SWINE FLU. They are really playing with the life of their own employees. Its really pathetic that the HR management or the higher management still sleeping about the fact..

  • Anonymous

    respected sir, we are regular students of ewing christian institute of management and technology,allahabad. our college are affiliated by uptu..the college deen mr m. massey and his son created a lot of pressure on us..they said if we don’t follow the criteria which is decided by m.massey, they can spoil our career.we r students of mca 5th sem.and now we need few time to prepare for the job, but they dont provide the time to us…they scheduled the college timing 9-15am to 5-30pm, they give us daily assignments and lot of class tests…if we complaint for this, they harrash us. there is lot of mental harrashment by the deen son mr. prakul massey….and he is appointed as a quality manager of the institute by mr. m massey, prakul massey is also misbehaving with female students,he said alot of banned things which r sameful to the girls. he can lock a girl in the lab when she is alone, prakul also abuses the boys, called them bastord and few more abusing words…and he said that your careers are now in my hands and i will do as i wish…if we oppose this mr m massey says to faculty members that put more load and pressure on those students who complaint to the management..put lot of fine which is not bearable by their parents….sir please this is a kind request to u plz do it something sir…otherwise the college management spoil our careers…we are very much afraid….plz help us….plz do something if possible as soon as possible…i m too much harrashed and i cant do anything…….
    college address is…………
    PHONE NUMBER:0532- 2414030 /// 2413020 /// 3295154

  • Anonymous