83-year-old lady goes for Breast Surgery

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83-year-old lady, Marie Kolstad underwent a breast implant surgery on 22nd July, 2011 to improve her appearance. She is from California and has 4 children, 25 grandchildren & great grandchildren. She kept the implant surgery a secret from them as she had fear that they would not approve her decision. 83-year-old widowed woman spent $8,000 on this 3 hour surgery. She is a property manager and keeps her social calendar active. She is among the various octogenarians, septuagenarians and nonagenarians who burnish their golden years with help from the plastic surgeon.

83-year-old lady goes for Breast Surgery

As per Marie Kolstad, she doesn’t think she is too old for this surgery. She underwent this surgery as she expects to live a little while longer as well as wants her children to be proud of what she look like and also wants to keep up with the kids. She was 32A as a young woman but now she is 36C figure. At present, in Hawaii she is rocking a bikini on vacation. As per Dr. Norman Rowe (New York plastic surgeon), around 8% plastic surgeries are done on people above the age of 65.

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