$150 million for a trip to moon in 2015

A trip to moon in 2015 is offered by a Virginia-based company, Space Adventures at the price tag of $150 million. Space Adventures is planning for trip with Russia's Space Agency. In this trip, a Russian-made Soyuz spacecraft will fly around the moon. One pilot and two travelers will be carried in the no-frills Soyuz TMA. One ticket is already sold and only one ticket is left. This trip is of seventeen days and before venturing on a trip around the moon, it stops at the International Space Station.

Image source: www.zmescience.com

A Russian Soyuz Spacecraft will take the passengers to the International Space Station and they will stay for eight-ten days then they will move to the 3.5 day trip to slingshot around the moon, within 100 kilometers of the surface. Russian Soyuz Spacecraft will take an extra 3.5 days to come back to Earth. The trip could happen as early as 2015. The Soyuz will be sent with a rocket booster (Block-DM upper stage) and an extra habitation module to the space station to rendezvous and dock to reach the moon.

Seven tourists have been already sent to the International Space Station on board Soyuz spacecrafts by Space Adventures. This trip will be never really made on the moon; however the spacecraft will go around moon, travelers will see its concealed side and praise its surface from an about 62 miles distance. When they will return to home they will be treated to the overwhelming sight of an Earthrise.

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