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NatWest YourPoints Fee & scheme - natwestyourpoints.com

NatWest YourPoints is the first travel loyalty programme to have easy Jet on board as a partner – so you can take advantage of the lowest fares around. NatWest YourPoints also brings you great flight deals on long haul travel from our other partners American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

How to activate NatWest YourPoints profile online:

The NatWest Your Points loyalty scheme (the ” Scheme”) is operated by National Westminster Bank Plc (the ” Bank”) and is available to holders of a National Westminster Bank MasterCard or Visa card account (an ” Account”) who have registered with the Bank for participation in the Scheme in accordance with condition 4 below (a ” Participant”). [link url=http://www.natwest.com/global/yourpoints-tscs.ashx]

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