Survey Monkey : Login to www.surveymonkey.com for online survey

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Survey Monkey: Login to www.surveymonkey.com for online survey

The official website of SurveyMonkey is www.surveymonkey.com. It was started in 1999 and their offices are situated in Portland, Oregon and Menlo Park, California. SurveyMonkey is an online survey device which helps people of all experience levels to create their own surveys rapidly without difficulty. Including over 80% of the Fortune 100, Survey Monkey daily gives thousands of people the feedback they need to make more knowledgeable verdicts.

 Login to www.surveymonkey.com for online survey

There are three plans available in SurveyMonkey i.e. Basic plan, Pro plan and Unlimited plan. Basic plan is available without any cost, while Pro is available at $19.95 per month and unlimited is available at $16.67 per month (Billed $200 annually - Save $40!). Basic includes 10 questions with all languages supported, 15 types of questions with survey completion progress bar, number of pages and questions are automatically set up, 15 pre-built visual themes, survey response, Randomize/sort answer choices, etc. Response features include 100 per survey response, response collects via weblink and e-mail and provides real-time results and free recurring cost.

Pro plan survey creation features are same as Unlimited plan, these plans include unlimited number of questions with all languages support, 15 types of questions with survey completion progress bar, number of pages and questions are automatically set up, unlimited custom visual themes, validate/require survey responses, skip logic, survey template library, add a custom logo, custom redirect upon survey completion, printable PDF version, randomize/sort answer choices, custom "thank-you" page, generate website popup invitations, generate website popup invitations.

Response Collection Features include 1000 per month response allowed in Pro plan and unlimited in unlimited plan, Collect responses via weblink and e-mail, enhanced security, fully accessible and 508 compliant. Reporting & Analysis Features comprises Real-time results, Multiple custom reports to include particular sets of questions, Filter and cross tabulate responses by custom criteria, Download responses into a spreadsheet, Create and download custom charts (pie, bar, column, line, area), and Create a link to share responses.

Miscellaneous Features in Pro plan include recurring cost $19.95 per month while recurring cost of unlimited plan is $16.67 per month ($200 annually), response charge is $0.05 per response overage and in unlimited plan No response overage fee is charged, 2 hours or less time e-mail support response in both the plans, bill periods in Pro plan is Monthly or quarterly while in unlimited plan is Annually.

SurveyMonkey starts without any cost with World-class support. It is simple and Intuitive, Scalable and Powerful, No Ads or Branding are displayed in their website. It gives support from Sunday - Thursday (24 hours a day) and on Friday & Saturday (6am-9pm PST). If you want to create a new account in Survey Monkey, for that you have to write your user name and choose a password, then enter contact email address and click on ‘Create a New Account’ option.

 Login to www.surveymonkey.com for online survey

After creating your account, you have to login in your account, for login, you have to write username and password then click on ‘login Now’ option. If you have forgotten your user name or password, then click on 'Forgot your user name or password' option. After login in your account, you will see an option of ‘create a new survey’ in which you have to create your own new survey. After that, select a topic and their sub-topic then click on ‘preview template’. You can also add a title for the survey, if you want. Lastly, click on ‘Create Survey’ option. To see an example of the survey form, click here. You can also see ‘My Surveys’ in this website.

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