Should You Be Investing in Gold?

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The Downsides of Investing in Gold May Outweigh the Benefits

Early May has shown the price of gold reach record levels, mostly due to continued reports regarding Greece’s financial situation. In capricious times of change economists have always recommended investing in gold due to its reputation for being able to weather the storm and come out on top as an inflation hedge. Over the past three years, gold has seen an increase of 84% in value, and during the last year gold has see gains and losses of over 12% within the same quarter.

With all of the recent news reports and the many television and radio commercials for gold investment opportunities an investor can easily become persuaded to bet the farm on gold. A chic Abu Dhabi hotel even installed a gold dispensing vending machine recently! This constant media exposure overshadows many of the downsides of investing in gold. When looking at the big picture, gold is not always the safe and smart choice it’s made out to be. Here are a few reasons you may want to put your blinders on to the gold frenzy.

Gold is Volatile Just Like Stocks

The price of gold isn’t set by any one entity. Instead,  it is controlled by the fluctuations of global markets, which can take surprising turns, like in Dubai and more recently in Greece. Political situations, civil unrest,….

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