Money Savvy Pig Bank review

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Your children have a Money Savvy Pig Bank to pile up there silver coins penny. Their little Money Savvy Pig is preserved preciously in their room and allows them to see growing their savings. The Money Savvy 4-chambered piggybank makes learning about money fun! The award-winning Money Savvy Piggy Bank has four separate chambers, one for each of the money choices that children have when they earn or receive money – Save, Spend, Donate or Invest.

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In a respectful way, the Money Savvy Pig™ asks children what they think is the best choice and allows them to make it—thus allowing them to transact in an adult world—your world, without feeling controlled. The Money Savvy Pig™ does all the work by spelling out the choices children need to consider—right there on its tummy. Watch these choices unfold before your very eyes.

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