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The Military Star credit card is accepted at all service exchanges. Here details are provided for Military star card and it's Online account management. It can be used online and for catalog purchases. You can save your money without any annual fee and low interest rate. Before being charged a finance fee, it also gives you 25-days grace period. You can use it at all AAFES, Marine Corps and Coast Guard exchanges.

 Online account Management

Military Star Card provides you many benefits. You have two ways to sign up for the Military Star Card. First way is that you can apply online and the second way is that you can go to your exchange customer service department and present your military ID card. You can make the payment of your Military Star Card online by visiting its official website. After logging in, hit on the “Member Services” tab and then press on “Payment Methods.”

Some instruction for Online account management:

  • Open your monthly billing statement promptly and compare charges to receipts you have saved.
  • If any questionable charges/credits appear in your billing statement then you can contact the Exchange Credit Call Center.
  • Save copies of all your receipts/charges.
  • Notify the Exchange Credit Call Center for change of address. An incorrect address will delay receipt of your statement.
  • Make payments on time. You can contact the Exchange Credit Call Center if you are unable to make your payment.
  • You must submit the dispute in writing within 60 days after you have received your statement if you want to dispute a specific charge.
  • Register for on-line statements, view your account and set up automatic payments to be deducted from your bank account.
  • If you have any questions regarding your Military Star Account then you can contact the Exchange Credit Call Center - 1-877-891-7827 or visit the site at www.milexch.com

You can also check your account at any time by calling toll free 1-877-891-STAR in CONUS.

To check out the Military Star Card, click here.

Numbers from other locations are listed here:

  • Belgium: 0800-1-6374
  • Norway: 800-14-199
  • Spain: 900-971-394
  • Italy: 8008-72683
  • Germany: 0800-812-4690
  • Korea: 00308-130663
  • Japan: 00531-114239
  • Guam: 01800-546-7195
  • Crete: 00-800-18092003452
  • Netherlands: 0800-022-9614
  • United Kingdom: 800-96-1843
  • Okinawa: 00531-114239
  • Turkey & Saudi Arabia: 214-312-6030 Call Collect

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28 weeks 6 days

To pay bill online and

To pay bill online and change your monthly payment mode of Military Star Card you should use http://www.shopmyexchange.com/exchangecredit/

28 weeks 6 days

I would like to view my

I would like to view my bills online and change my monthly payment. Which site do i go onto to do this?

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