Login to asbbank.co.nz for ASB Internet Banking Online

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The official website of ASB Internet Banking is www.asb.co.nz. The main headquarter of Auckland Savings Bank is in the New Zealand. It was founded on 5th June, 1847 as Auckland Savings Bank with branches throughout the country. ASB offers services through phone, Internet, eftpos and ATMs only. Services like Home loans, credit cards, personal loans, investments, insurance and securities arms, etc. are provided by ASB for Personal, Business and Rural banking.

ASB Internet Banking Online offers FastNet banking in which you can make one-off payments, Update the name of your account, transfers your money from one account to another, order foreign exchange, and even you can open an online account. With the help of FastNet banking, you can check your account balances, Pay your bills, View your loan details, Update your details, Set up or cancel automatic payments, Click into True Rewards and shop, Track your spending, Order foreign exchange or transfer money overseas, Set a budget, Favorite ATM Withdrawal, Stop or restart posted statements, Read and download statement details, Pay your tax, Open accounts or apply for loans, Mobile Banking Services, Daily limit - an added security precaution, Store your important information in one place, and so on.

Login to asbbank.co.nz for ASB Internet Banking Online

ASB provides Track My Spending services in which customer can know exact status of their money where their money is used. It is easy to use FastNet Classic, these services are available without any cost. You will find it now below the “My Money” section of FastNet Classic. ASB also offers TXT or email message Alerts for a deposit above, below or an exact payment is made, a withdrawal above, below or an exact payment amount is made, an account balance goes above or below an amount you set, a FastNet Business payment, transfer, and/or automatic payment fails to successfully process, etc. Each TXT alert will cost 20c and each email sent is free.

Online Vault service of FastNet permits you to store important information such as your insurance policy numbers, IRD number, driver licence number, and passport number, even the date of your anniversary. FastNet also provides payment option which is fast and easy to use. If you want to load a new Automatic Payment, for that, you have to first sign on to FastNet Classic. Then, select payments from the menu. After that, select 'Automatic Payments' option and Select 'New Automatic Payment’. Lastly, enter your details as per instruction and press ‘submit’ button. The loading charge via FastNet Classic is $2.00. You can also visit their branches or call customer care executive at 0800 803 804 (or +64 9 306 3000 - toll charges apply). $5.00 loading fee applies for loading via a Branch or Contact Centre.

If you want to load a new Bill Payment, for that, you have to logon into FastNet Classic with your access code and password. After that, select 'Payments' from the left-hand menu, then 'Bill Payments'. If you have more than one account, then select the applicable account from the drop down box. Now, select on 'New Bill Payment Payee' and enter the name of the company in which you have to pay in the box and then press 'Search' option. Then, enter the payee details which are required. Charges are same as Automatic Payment.

Login to asbbank.co.nz for ASB Internet Banking Online

For sign-up, you have to go to a branch which is nearby you. If you want to find a branch, for that, you have to select region/area, and then click on ‘search’ button. You will receive list of branches with their phone number and Fax number. After that, call at 0800 FASTNET (0800 327 863), on call you will be asked to choose your access code. Then, you will receive temporary password, using that password you have to login in your account first time. After that, you can change your password, if you want.

For more information, visit www.asb.co.nz

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