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The H&R Block Bank Emerald Card is a convenient way for you to get your tax refund fast on your debit card. Many people use this card as a debit card or taking out money from ATM machines.

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H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard, H&R Block Emerald Advance and the H&R Block Emerald Savings account are products of and issued by H&R Block Bank, Federal Savings Bank and member FDIC. H&R Block Bank customers can found FDIC insured account with tax refund money and then access those funds with pre paid Emerald MasterCards and ATMs.

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4 years 36 weeks

My Return

HR Block was great. Had my return back the next day and double the amount I was expecting. I had the Emerad card ready to go by 8am the next morning.

Thank You,
San Antonio, Tx

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