GE pours $100 million into breast cancer research

Jeff Immelt – a chief executive of GE and other venture capital partners have announced the diagnostic techniques for breast cancer. GE, the world’s largest manufacturer of medical imaging tools and health care information technology systems, will donate half of the $100 million fund for abolition of breast cancer. The aim of this project is to develop diagnostic tools and products for cancer treatment and to help health care professionals so that they can understand tumors linked with triple negative cancer. The investment would be $ 1 billion on cancer research and development over the next five years.

GE pours $100 million into breast cancer research

They have made “global open innovation challenge” to give grants for early detection techniques to researchers. At the initial stage company focused only on breast cancer then after their other move will be to expand research into other types of cancer. Their super database for investment combines pathology, clinical, therapy and further accelerates innovation. It would be available in association with non governmental organizations, leading cancer research, and government organizations. The entrant will be judged by the GE executives, venture capital firms, and other members.

This new innovation will improve breast cancer diagnosis and screening. It will also guide doctors to take decision regarding the best therapy for patients. GE has developed a Senobright – an ultra portable mammography device which will decrease unnecessary procedure.

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