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www.homepath.com is a website by Fannie Mae, that provides useful information for Home Buyers. You can search for featured homes and also get inputs for your home loan financing on this site. For HomePath Financing, check: http://www.fanniemae.com/homepath/financing/index.jhtml

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Fannie Mae foreclosures draw a lot of buyer attention. You can check out the homes available in your market at www.HomePath.com. If you are under the impression that a HomePath mortgage is the only loan program that can be used to finance these homes, you would be miss-informed. Other Conventional or FHA / VA loans can be used too. Fannie Mae’s HomePath mortgage offers many incentives but some folks find the higher interest rate a turn off and dismiss this financing because of it. I’m all about comparing options and running the numbers for my borrowers so let me walk you through my approach.

Home Path mortgage is a special financing program offered through Fannie Mae. This home buying program offers attractive incentives to entice buyers to purchase foreclosure properties. Finance incentives include allowing buyers to purchase properties with a low down payment and flexible mortgage terms.

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