Get Instant vehicle loans on your Credit

Do you want finance to buy a car but struggling due to no previous credit? Now, you can get auto finance even if your credit history is bad. Credit Acceptance understands that all the people have different credit history so they don’t let your past credit history to become obstacle in the way of your new car. Credit Acceptance provides 100% guaranteed vehicle loan instantly, to get the desired car irrespective of your credit history. is the perfect place for you to get the needed finance for the vehicle as well as it helps to repair your poor credit while driving a new car. Get Instant vehicle loans on your Credit

Dan Foss established the Credit Acceptance Corporation in 1972 to provide auto loans (credit acceptance auto loans) to customers despite of their bad credit history. The company gives chance to the people to rebuild their credit history by making payments of their financed vehicles on time. It has large network of automotive dealer-partners throughout the country which will provide these credit acceptance auto loans to every consumer within 30 seconds through Credit Acceptance Corps technology. Up till now, the company and its dealer-partners have helped more than 360,000 people.

At, you are given choices: become a customer or a dealer-partner. The company will be combined with you to become an acceptor of all credit types and make great money by helping other people. On the website, you can read Dealer Testimonials and different programs offered by the company to you. To become a dealer-partner, you just have to complete an inquiry form. Credit Acceptance provides 3 ways to get the profit, such as Purchase, the Portfolio and Collection Only Programs.

You can select any way as per your choice. They will provide training to improve your knowledge and skills that are required to maximize performance and profits. They will also provide various benefits like comprehensive vision, medical and dental insurance; paid basic life insurance along with purchase additional coverage option; 401(k) retirement savings plan; paid short and long-term disability coverage and paid time off.

As a customer, you are able to make your vehicle loan payments online at the site via Western Union ($12.99) or Money Gram ($9.99). You can also make payment to your dealer-partner. You can set up for Automatic Payments in which your vehicle loan payment will be deducted automatically from your checking or savings account. Users are able to read Customer Testimonials at the site. On this website, you will also learn about their investor relations and how the credit approval services work. If you are seeking job, then you can apply for job for current vacancies.


  • Provide loans regardless of credit history.
  • Gives chance to people to rebuild their credit.
  • Provide job opportunities.
  • Let people to become a dealer-partner.
  • Allow users to make online payment.
  • Offer Automatic Payments service.


  • Loans provided at much higher interest rates compared to conventional loans.
  • Higher interest rates enhance the financial strain on people with bad credit.

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