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Residents of 43 counties throughout Florida can join City County Credit Union of Fort Lauderdale at to enjoy its amazing services.

Credit unions have become a great alternative to banks. They offer same kind of services and financial products like banks at higher savings interest rates, lower fees and lower credit card rates. Anybody who meets the requirements for membership can join a credit union. And one such kind of credit union is the Fort Lauderdale based City County credit union, which helps their customers to fulfill their financial needs. Here, you can find all the detailed information regarding the services offered by City County Credit Union of Fort Lauderdale at

CCCU of Fort Lauderdale

City County Credit Union of Fort Lauderdale has been serving the people of Florida, since 1953. It offers financial services to the residents of 43 Florida counties from Jacksonville to Key West. This state chartered natural person credit union has about 50,000 members and assets of $300 million. There are more than 5,000 branches of City County Credit Union throughout the country.

It provides services such as online banking, savings and investment accounts, different types of loans, family & lifetime membership, checking choices, financial education, credit cards and mortgage options. You can join CCCU for free of cost just by opening a savings account. You can even go for Checking, Encore, Investment and Retirement accounts. All the members will be automatically enrolled in online banking with bill payment.

Online banking lets you to carryout your daily banking tasks from the comfort of your home or office. You can pay bills and transfer funds between savings and checking accounts or across account. You can even view account transaction history online.

Who can join CCCU?

  • Individuals who live/work and businesses situated in 43 Florida counties from Jacksonville to Key West.
  • Licensed professionals and their employees
  • Employees of selected employers across the membership area
  • Family members of existing members

You can join CCCU via phone or online and start enjoying its membership benefits immediately. There are various types of membership: basic, value, select, premium, college, encore and youth. Each membership type has different requirements, features and advantages.

As soon as you join CCCU, you can easily apply for loans online or by phone. CCCU offers personal loans, student loans, mortgage & home equity, auto loans, boat / RV / motorcycle loans and credit cards. You can also enroll for e-Statements for not receiving statements in the mail.

Additional Services provided by CCCU are Vehicle Repair Coverage, Members Financial Services, Courtesy Pay and Mobile Money App. Individuals enrolled to Youth accounts can play cool games online at The Kirby Kangaroo Club.

The site offers different calculators like mortgage calculator, auto payment, auto affordability, credit card equal payment payoff, savings growth and retirement planner. Moreover, you can refer friends to CCCU to get $25 and read news. Quick links of % rates, e-statement, enrollment calculators and member discounts are provided on the homepage.


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