Are Trade Show best for new product launch in market?

Are trade shows the best places to show off new products that you want to bring into the market?

It depends on what the product is specifically and how you want to expand your company. Trade shows are a great way to introduce a product in a small area. Infomercials seem very tempting but they require a lot of capital and success from them is often limited. I would say your first move is to gain a patent first because without one if attention is gained a larger company with larger distribution channels could legally steal the idea. Once a patent is gained I believe trade shows are a great way to gain attention in an area and also get some capital for larger inventory if you wanted to approach a retailer to pick up your product. Another great route for many small businesses is licensing the product to a larger company which has a good distribution channel already in place. This way you don’t have to do all the work and you can make a great deal of money as long as you get a good royalty deal. It all depends on the product itself and what direction you want to take it in.

This is a common problem among trade show participants. Many of us are unable to engage or even initiate a conversation with the visitors; this happens mainly because of existing uncertainty among the staff members about what exactly to say or the fear of troubling the visitors.

Here are certain points that can come handy when dealing with visitors:

• In the first place instruct you trade show booth staff to avoid attending mobile phone calls for long durations and finish every call as fast as possible, since visitors don’t wish to disturb trade show staff that are busy attending calls or busy chit-chatting among themselves.

• Make sure to approach the attendees wearing a smile, embracing a relaxed posture and adopt a body language that makes others feel comfortable in approaching you.

• It’s important for the trade show staff to be well informed and trained, so that if a visitor comes with a query the staff members are well equipped with information to handle the visitor.

• To get the visitors involved in pro-active conversations, you need more engaging starters like win a prize, offering a free sample or asking for an opportunity to participate in an activity are the best openers. [link url=]

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