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Plastic money like credit cards has turned out to be a part of our day-to-day lives. Nearly all of us are using multiple credit cards such as for groceries, gas, travel, etc. Rewards credit cards are one of the best ways to save money from your expenses. Dozens of reward credit cards are accessible these days. Chase Marriott Reward Card is one of them which are issued by Chase. This hotel rewards credit card is for those people who travel often and stay at Marriott hotels. Chase Marriott Reward Card also helps you to earn reward points for each and every dollar that you spend at one of nearly 3,000 participating Marriott hotels throughout the world.

Apply for Chase Marriott Reward Card on

You can also earn points by making purchases from 3 major partners such as Southwest Airlines, Marriott Hotels and United Airlines. There are 3 different types of reward cards: Marriott Rewards Credit Card, Premier Credit Card and Business Card. All the three cards offer different benefits. Bonus points program is among the biggest benefits of these cards. You can compare benefits of the cards at the website and then decide the card that is best for you. You will not be charged any annual fee for the first year.

Marriott Rewards Credit Card

As you use the card for the first time, you will get 30,000 bonus points and 2 nights free stay upon account approval. Earn 3 points/dollar spent at Marriott hotel, 1 points/dollar spent at any other place for everyday purchase. Each year, you will receive 10 nights credit toward Elite status as well as 1 Elite Night for every $3,000 that you spend on your card. There is no limit to earn points. The annual fee of this card is $45 but you will not be charged for the first year.

Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card

You will earn 50,000 bonus points and 1 night free stay (upon account approval) as you make purchases with the card for the first time. For daily purchases, get 5 points/dollar at Marriott hotel; 2 points/dollar for dining, airline and rental car purchases and 1 point/dollar purchases made at other places. 15 nights credit will be given towards Elite status yearly as well as 1 Elite Night credit for spending every $3,000 on the card. Like Marriott Rewards Credit Card, no limit for earning points. $85 annual fee is there on this card but you will not be charged for 1 year.

Marriott Rewards Business Card

After first purchase, get 22,500 bonus points and 1 night free stay (upon account approval). On daily purchases, earn 3 points/dollar at Marriott hotel and 1 point/dollar that you spend somewhere else. Every year, get 10 nights credit toward Elite status and 1 Elite Night for every $3,000 which you use on the card. No limit to earn points. Annual Fee of this card is $30 which is waived for the first year.

You can redeem earned points in more than 250 ways. You can redeem them for vacation packages, travel packages, leisure rewards, in the form of discounts on Airmiles, staying at Marriott or luxurious Ritz-Carlton, using them for airfare / for a myriad of other rewards, etc. You can even donate earned points to the Red Cross or any other charity. There will be no Foreign Transaction Fees in United States but Transaction processed outside U.S. will be charged 3% foreign transaction fee. You will be charged 14.24% annual interest rate, 29.99T penalty APR, 19.24% cash advance rate and up to $35 late payment fee.

How to Apply for Chase Marriott Reward Card?

It will take only 5 minutes to apply for Chase Marriott Reward Card. You just require some personal information like Social Security Number and gross annual income.

  • Visit and click on “Compare Cards” option given on the right side of the homepage.
  • Then compare all the benefits of all the cards and as you decide which is best for you hit the “Apply Now” button given below the card.
  • Fill the online form and press “Submit Now” button.

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