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Automatic Data Processing, Inc. is one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing solutions with nearly $9 billion in revenues and about 570,000 clients. ADP offers the widest range of HR, payroll, tax and benefits administration solutions from a single source, which are offered by ADP Leveraging 60 years of experience. Below you can see the process of Login to www.ADP.com for ADP ezLaborManager Client area.

Easy-to-use solutions of ADP for employees provide advanced value to companies of all types and sizes. A leading provider of integrated computing solutions to auto, truck, motorcycle, marine and recreational vehicle dealers is ADP all over the world.

The term automatic data processing (ADP) has the following meanings in telecommunication,

  • Data processing largely performed by automatic means.
  • That branch of science and technology concerned with methods and techniques relating to data processing largely performed by automatic means.
  • Automatic data processing (ADP) is an interacting assembly of procedures, processes, methods, personnel, and equipment to perform automatically a series of data processing operations on data.
  • One or more devices that use common storage for all or part of a computer program, and also for all or part of the data necessary for execution of the program; that execute user-written or user-designated programs; that perform user-designated symbol manipulation, such as arithmetic operations, logic operation, or character string manipulations; and that can execute programs that modify themselves during their execution. Automatic data processing may be performed by a stand-alone unit or by several connected units.

ADP is serving about 570,000 clients and one of the largest payroll and tax filing processors in the world. Inventory and other computing and data services to some 25,000 auto, motorcycle, truck, and recreational vehicle dealers are provided by ADP Employer services account for the majority of the company's sales. Accounting, auto collision estimates for insurers, employment background checks, desktop applications support, and business development training services are also included in other offerings.

Outsourcing services to Broadridge Financial Solutions are also provided by ADP, its former brokerage services division it spun-off in 2007.

ADP ezLabor:

An Internet-based, fully automated time and attendance software system is ezLaborManager® which helps you boost profitability by improving the speed and accuracy of payroll preparation.

Convenient and easy to use:

With ezLaborManager® preparing payroll and tracking vacation and sick time is very easy. No need to fill out paper timesheets or punch chaotic timecards. In its place, your employees log onto a Web site to fill out an electronic timesheet, "swipe" ID badges through an electronic time clock, or call in their hours by telephone. Your payroll policies regarding rounding and overtime rules are applied through ADP’s ezLaborManager timeclock software automatically and then instantly calculate hourly totals. Data and reports can be managed by managers at any time whether they are in the office or not. Daily and weekly hours of employee’s and timecards can be viewed by employees whenever they want.

ADP’s biometric time clock solution for time & attendance makes sure your employees have nothing to lose or forget, if you’re concerned about employees losing badges or leaving them at home. Employees are clocked in and ready to work with a simple swipe of the hand. Your time and attendance solution is hosted at their secure data center -- eradicating the need for you to install or maintain any software or hardware with ezLaborManager®. You can enjoy complete peace of mind by knowing that your data is protected against unauthorized access attempts.

Boost productivity:

Companies who use an automated time and attendance system like ezLaborManager can decrease their payroll processing time by up to 80% is indicated by Independent research and feedback from their clients. The collection and calculation of hours worked is not only automated but also you can be helped to accomplish these tasks in less time by ezLabor Manager.

  • Track labor distribution
  • Calculate benefit accruals (simple & complex) – vacation, sick and other paid time off
  • Provide employee schedules
  • Generate reports (standard and custom)
  • Save data and export it into Excel

So if two hours a week to collect and calculate time worked are being currently spent by you, then why not switch to a system that will enable you to accomplish this task in 24 minutes.

Improve compliance:

To comply with State & Federal labor laws (such as the Fair Labor Standards Act), ezLaborManager makes it easier for you. It requires employers’ track Time & Attendance for hourly employees, as well as Paid Time Off for salary employees. It is made easier by ezLaborManager to comply with mandatory record retention requirements. Just with a click of a mouse, everything you need is easily accessible.

Login to www.ADP.com for ADP ezLaborManager Client area:

For login go on this page, enter Client Name and click on submit.

For more information about ADP or to contact a local ADP sales office reach at 1-800-CALL-ADP ext. 411 (1-800-225-5237 ext. 411). For more information, see here the demo.

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