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30 Most Spectacular Chocolate Desserts 0

30 Most Spectacular Chocolate Desserts

Anybody who ever tasted chocolate has saw from time to time their temptation going to extreme because of a certain amazing display of unbelievable taste and spectacular art involving chocolate. In its many forms the chocolate was able t…
Rose Prince’s recipes 0

Rose Prince’s recipes

If I spend enough time in an air-conditioned car on a hot summer’s day, I start craving soup and stew. It is a case of climate-control sending the appetite out of control. Appetite is seasonal, too. As soon as we feel the sun on our heads, the fo…
Pasta Salad with Tomato, Feta Cheese 0

Pasta Salad with Tomato, Feta Cheese

Ideal for a picnic or backyard barbecue, this salad screams summer with ingredients like fresh mint, blueberries and tomatoes. Your can make the dish several hours ahead and store it in the fridge until you’re ready to start the party.…
Simple, spicy Malaysian specialities 0

Simple, spicy Malaysian specialities

Pounding spices in 90 degree heat and 80 per cent humidity sounds like death by seasoning. But in the jungle-like Tropical Spice Gardens of Penang, with the effervescent Nazlina Hussin for my teacher, it is a curiously satisfying, if sweaty activit…
The Kitchen Thinker: Raspberry Ripple 0

The Kitchen Thinker: Raspberry Ripple

The remembered summers of my childhood are full of the tinkle of the ice-cream van and slightly soggy cones of raspberry ripple. If I close my eyes, I can see myself running to catch the van wearing a Clothkits sundress. I can taste the cone: the t…
Hot Crab Curry 0

Hot Crab Curry

Hot Crab Curry recipe, delicious and simple seafood recipe to cook. Ingredients: Two tailed crabs 120 ml water 400 ml coconut milk 1 bay leaves 1 sheet of orange leaves 1 lemon grass